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Welcome to the Charles Louis Davis, D.V.M. Foundation Online Store!

The Charles Louis Davis, D.V.M. Foundation is the largest organization in the world composed of individuals who are engaged in the formal or informal, study, practice or teaching of Avian, Aquatic, Comparative, Veterinary, Wildlife and Zoological Pathology or Related Scientific Disciplines. The latter disciplines are those which contribute to the understanding of disease processes in animals, such as Allergy, Anatomy, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Biology, Clinical Chemistry, Clinical Medicine, Cytology, Dermatology, Immunology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Ophthalmology, Parasitology, Psychology, Physiology, Teratology, Toxicology and Virology.

This Month's Special:

Your Price: $175.00
Stock your bookshelf this Christmas!!! This special price includes 6 books - all 3 fascicles currently in print, the 2 volume set of Metazoan and Protozoan Parasites in Tissue Section, and John King's Necropsy Book. (Price does not include shipping).

We are a donative publicly-supported charity.

The Foundation is designated by the Internal Revenue Service of The United States as a tax exempt " Donative Publicly Supported Charity" according to the IRS code of the USA, Sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(A)(vi), and as such sells nothing. All items seen in this store are considered premiums and available for the prescribed donation to the Foundation.

All donations made through this store are via credit card only. As a publicly supported charity, the Foundation does not refund contributions; however it will replace any of its publications for which proof is submitted of damage in shipping or faulty printing or recording. If this is not satisfactory, the Foundation will apply said contribution to any other publication or course which it puts on.