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Collection of syllabi on reproductive diseases containing thde 2003 Diagnostic Reproductive Pathology Proceedings and additional material by Dr. Claus Buergelt of the University of Florida.
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The first portion of the Trilogy is composed of The Power Point CD authored by Dr. Mark Anderson (University of California Animal Health & Food Safety System); Dr. Lenn Harrison (University of Kentucky Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center); Dr. David Steffen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln Veterinary Diagnostic Center) and Dr. Michael Yaeger (Iowa State University, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory) for use in The Foundation's 2003 symposium on Diagnostic Reproductive Pathology. Topics that are covered in the CD include: Abortion diagnostic methodologies; Porcine abortion diseases and diagnostics; Bovine abortion diseases and diagnostics; Diagnosis of Leptospiral diseases; Equine abortion diseases and diagnostics; Fundamentals of Mendelian inheritance and teratology; Diagnostic approaches to congenital diseases and Emerging syndromes of current concern [tibial Hemimelia, dwarfism, complex Vertebral malformation, etc]. The second portion of the Trilogy is a CD printing of the syllabus authored by Dr. Claus D. Buergelt (University of Florida, College of Veterinary Medicine) and which was distributed as a handout for the 3 lectures, which comprise the third portion of the Trilogy. The second portion of the Trilogy is comprised of 21 pages dealing with diseases of the male reproductive tract, diseases of intersex reproductive tracts, diseases of the female reproductive tract and diseases of the placenta. The third portion of the Trilogy is a T 160 DVD of 3 lectures presented by Dr. Claus Buergelt in which the diseases of the reproductive tract are described and illustrated for male, females and intersex of dogs, cats and domestic animals within the United States.