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Surgical Pathology of Tumors of Domestic Animals, Vol 1: Epithelial Tumors of the Skin
This is the first volume of the Third Edition of the Surgical Pathology of Tumors of Domestic Animals - now all-color, with immune and cytology, and twice as large as Volume 2!
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Detailed Description

Here is an announcement 28 years in the making! The 4th edition of the WHO Fascicles, now independent and retitled as the Surgical Pathology of Tumors Domestic Domestic Animals, will be released on 1 July 2018. The first volume of the previous edition was published in 1994, and the final volume in 2004. The all-new Fourth edition is edited and co-authored by Dr. Matti Kiupel of Michigan State University. The first volume in the 3rd series, Epithelial Tumors of the Skin, has an international slate of co-authors, and is a vast improvement over is third edition counterpart with 150 additional pages, all color images incorporated directly into the text (no more flipping to the back of the book and hunting for the right images), and includes not only histology, but cytology, immunohistochemistry, and far more explanatory material on normal anatomy, embryology of common tumors and much more.

A 30-page, reduced resolution sample of the 1st edition is available at to give you an idea of the sweeping improvements in the new series.

This first volume will be priced at $40 (which includes shipping in the U.S. and most foreign countries.)

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